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A simple blog engine, powered by ASP.NET MVC.

BlogMaster is a quick, easy way for developers to get started with running and developing a website/blog. Download, deploy, and adapt as desired.

It's an open source project. You're welcome to contribute or suggest improvements

Usage instructions

  1. Download the latest version of BlogMaster.
  2. You may need to download and install some dependencies if you don't have them already:
  3. Run the BlogMasterMvc project in the solution to see how it works. Customise as necessary by adapting the code.
  4. Deploy to a suitable server environment. I reccomend IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008. I currently use IIS6. I can suggest some companies that provide suitable hosting service at reasonable prices.
  5. Contact me (Tim Acheson) if you need help or advice on using or deploying this web application.


My website and tech blog is 100% pure BlogMaster.

Terms & conditions

All I ask is that you link to this project on CodePlex from any website that you produce. If you wish, you could do so in your first blog post which could be to announce your new website/blog! I ask this because I hope it will help other people get up and running with a blog. If you write about BlogMaster, I hope you'll send me a link to what you write so I can take note and respond if appropriate.

Project status

This project is currently an Alpha release. It works, but there's some tidying up to do. The database structure won't change,, so you can start using it already. The quality of thye project and code will be improved in future updates.

BlogMaster is developed by Tim Acheson.

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